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28 Apr

The Avengers Event (April 26, 2012)

DISCLAIMER: Sorry for the crappy photos.

This is what I read a day before the event! I was so excited when they texted me, for i was expecting i didn’t won ‘cause my name wasn’t on the nuffnang’s list.

We arrived at edsa shang, around 6:45 so we’ve decided that we should eat first. We went to Secret Recipe :)

Kuya Ariel’s order: Grilled Chicken Mushroom

My order: Spaghetti and Meatballs (it was delicioso!)

Right after we ate.. we went straight to Cinema 2 and by that time we fall in line and saw these 2 mascots roaming around cinema 2.

That’s Kuya Ariel (center)

This is how the line looks like:

Right after choosing our seats they gave us this gift pack (notebook and a pin) and a cupcake.

Our tickets:

Photobooth!! :D

Inside the Cinema: (We played before the movie)

The Avengers’ such a great movie! It is a must-watch! Thank you PLDT and Nuffnang!

Thanks for reading! ‘Till the next post :)